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Combined Natrol and Jarrow Business News

Dear Natrol Distributor, 

Natrol and Jarrow logosWe hope this year finds you, your families and colleagues thriving in good health.

It is an undisputed rule of survival that businesses and individuals who wish to succeed must adapt to ever-changing conditions. The necessity of business adaptability was especially key to survival in 2020, where global business rules irreparably shifted from established order towards completely different bilateral economic arrangements.

Natrol is no exception to this rule, and as such 2020-2021 has seen dramatic changes for our business. Some of these changes have been previously announced, and others are more recent. These key business developments include: 
  • Natrol LLC acquisition by New Mountain Capital group in Dec. 2020
  • Jarrow Formulas Inc. acquisition by New Mountain Capital group in Sept. 2020
  • February 2021 announcement that Natrol LLC will be combined with Jarrow Formulas, Inc. 
Combined Natrol and Jarrow Business
We value your partnership with Natrol and will continue to offer the same high-quality regulatory, sales and marketing support to your business. We anticipate that the combination of Natrol and Jarrow will have unique advantages to help strategically bolster our market positioning and look forward to discussing these in the near term.

Key Advantages
  • Assortment/price list will be expanded to include Jarrow products in the near future
  • Marketing support will be expanded to include promotion of Jarrow products
  • Regulatory support will be expanded to include support for Jarrow products

The expanded price list for our combined business will include Jarrow’s product line, which will help you capture market share for gut and digestive health products among other categories. Please review Jarrow’s website for further information pertaining to the product line.

We will provide further details in future communications, and will be working closely with your organization to ensure a smooth transition to the combined business. Above all, our goal is to continue helping you support the growing health product demands of worldwide consumers and facilitate the success of business in your assigned market. Let’s build our business and achieve further success in 2021!

Best Regards,

Natrol International Department