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Natrol LLC Purchase by New Mountain Capital

Dear Valued Natrol Distributor Partner,

We are excited to announce that New Mountain Capital, New York City, New York, has acquired Natrol LLC. The partnership between Natrol and New Mountain Capital will enable us to take our company to the next level of success in the USA as well as around the world. 

New Mountain Capital logoWe'll continue building upon the recent successful expansion of our lines of quality, innovative products—several with USP certification--as well as continue to expand universal access to our products via our network of international retail and online partners.

Proudly, this year marks 40 years of Natrol’s success in the nutraceutical supplement business. Among our recent accomplishments:

  • After taking a cutting-edge marketing approach that organized our products around the key health benefits Sleep Support and Mood & Stress, Natrol is now the undisputed USA market leader in sleep aids with our #1 Melatonin brand^, and a market leader in Mood & Stress with the #1 brand of 5-HTP^.

  • Continuing our Health Benefit marketing approach, we rolled out additional benefit segments including Beauty & Health Aging, Brain Health, and recently of importance, Immune Support.Natrol Immue Support products

  • New product innovations include clinically-proven Cognium® in Brain Health, and in Mood & Stress new Relaxia™ Ultimate Calm with ashwagandha. 

  • Importantly, new Immune Support products Elderberry and Immune-Biotic rolled out 4th Quarter 2020 to add to our already extensive line of powerful immune health products: Zinc, Quercetin, Pycnogenol, Vitamins B, C & D, JuiceFestiv Fruit & Veggie pills, among others.
Our highly professional and loyal distributor partners have achieved success in working closely with Natrol International to become leaders in many other VMS categories including Multivitamin, General Health, Heart Health, Digestive Support, Hair Health, and Weight Management products.

All Natrol products are available for international distribution. Contact us for more information.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you in the future!

Andrew Houlberg, Natrol LLC President
President Natrol LLC

^Ongoing Nielsen, xAOC studies